Benefits of Trading in Your Car

Trading in car keys

If you’re looking to obtain a new or a used vehicle to drive around Jenkintown, Abington, Philadelphia, or Lower Southampton Township, Pennsylvania, you may be curious about what to do with your previous one.

You may try to sell it through your own means, or alternatively, you can trade it in here at our dealership. There are a number of benefits to trading in your car, and we’ll explain more about that in the following article.

Read on to find out more and contact us at Sussman Acura if you have any further questions about our trade-in process!

How to Trade in a Vehicle

You can take a few steps to first determine what your vehicle is worth:

  • Use our online trade-in tool
  • Consult other trade-in resources
  • Visit our dealership for an in-person appraisal

You can find a trade-in tool on our website from Kelley Blue Book. This comprehensive tool takes into account many different aspects of your vehicle—from the mileage it has accrued to some of the upgraded features it sports. After entering that information, this tool will produce what’s known as your Blue Book® Value.

We provide this tool to help our clients get a clearer picture of what they can expect when they trade in their car. You aren’t limited to just this source, though. There are numerous other online trade-in tools that are similar to the one we offer. It could also be helpful to see what they have to say about the value of your vehicle.

Another great option is to bring your vehicle to us in person. Our team will be able to look over the vehicle up close and test it out to give you an accurate value. If you agree with our appraisal, you can move forward with the trade-in.

Benefits of Trading in a Car

The following benefits of trading in may motivate you to choose this method:

  • Simplified process.
  • Potentially lower purchase price of new vehicle.
  • Typically, lower monthly payments.

One of the major benefits of trading in your car is that our team works to make it a simple process. We know that you may trade in a vehicle because you’d like to purchase a new or a used one from our inventory. Once you drive to our dealership to make your transaction, you can leave the vehicle with us after the trade-in process is completed.

The value of your trade-in can help you out with your next purchase. It can be applied toward the down payment you were going to make, therefore potentially reducing the overall cost of the vehicle and lowering your expected monthly payment.

In fact, you can see this play out when you use our online payment calculator tool. Enter in some information about the vehicle you’re planning to buy, along with your down payment, and calculate the estimated monthly amount. Then, enter the trade-in value you’ve obtained from our online tool and watch how the monthly number gets lower.

Find a Different Vehicle

Now that you know you can easily trade in a vehicle at our dealership, you might want to look into some new or used models to replace your trade-in. We have many options in our inventory for you to choose from and take out for a test drive.

Just as our trade-in process is convenient, so too is the buying or leasing process—and all of it can be done online!

Using our Shop From Home feature, you can do the following:

  • Select a vehicle
  • Choose a payment plan
  • Value a trade-in
  • Apply for credit
  • Schedule home delivery

Everything you’d do at the dealership, such as talk about a payment plan or discuss your trade-in value, can be easily done from home. Home delivery is always welcome, but if you’d prefer to stop by in person, you can also pick it up from us at the dealership.

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Trade in Your Car Today!

The benefits that come with trading in your car make it a great opportunity for drivers to consider in Jenkintown, Abington, Philadelphia, or Lower Southampton Township, PA.

If you have a vehicle you’d like to trade in, use our online tool to estimate its value. You’re also welcome to visit our team for an in-person appraisal to get another perspective on its worth. Contact us at Sussman Acura today to do so!

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