Play a Round at One of the Best Mini Golf Courses near Jenkintown PA

Best Mini Golf Courses Whether you are an avid golfer or not, miniature golf is a fun activity everyone can enjoy! It’s a great way for golfers to work on their short game or families to enjoy some friendly competition among one another.

Anyone in Jenkintown, PA, looking for the best mini golf courses around, there are multiple well-maintained courses short a short drive away!

Burholme Golf

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MINI Golf Burholme Golf is the perfect place to work on your golf game! They have a range to improve your aim with target practice. You can even get private lessons from one of their professionals to help fine-tune your swing.

Then when it comes time to work on your putting, take the kids or your friends over to their 18-hole miniature golf course. Their course is themed like a park with sculpted rocks, a cave, multiple fountains, and even a waterfall.

This course is no walk in the park though! It will provide a fun challenge for all ages and skill levels. Then after your round, grab a snack or dessert from their Cafe inside.

Keystone Mini-Golf & Arcade

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Keystone Mini-Golf & Arcade is not just a great place to host a kid’s birthday, but also yours as well! Whether you are celebrating your birthday or looking for a fun bachelor or bachelorette party activity, everyone can have fun at Keystone.

Grab your friends and some beers and enjoy some friendly competition as you work your way around their indoor and outdoor miniature golf course. You can also challenge your friends on any of their classic arcade machines. Their arcade games will definitely bring out the kid in you!

Pine Creek Miniature Golf

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MINI Golf Course One great thing about playing a round of golf is being able to enjoy the scenery and landscapes as you work your way around the course. Even though it is a smaller scale of a round, the courses at Pine Creek Miniature Golf give you the same experience.

You can choose from two different course, the Upper or Lower Course. They both sit among a setting of trees, flowers, ponds, streams, waterfalls, and more. You will feel like you are playing an actual round of golf but without having to commit the same amount of time!

A Putt Above the Rest

Grab a putter and see if you can sink a hole-in-one at one of the best mini golf courses near Jenkintown, PA!