Learn to Drive at These Local Driving Schools

Local Driving Schools near Sussman Acura

We understand how fast kids grow up! One day they are just learning how to walk then it seems like the next they are ready to get behind the wheel of a car. If you have a beginner driver in the family, you probably want to make sure they have plenty of practice before heading out on their own.

With the professional instruction provided by these driving schools, your child will gain the skills necessary to safely navigate the roads around Jenkintown, Abington, and Lower Southampton Township.

Five Stars Driving School


Five Stars Driving School Jenkintown PA With over 25 years of teaching, the instructors at Five Stars Driving School will help teach your child the methods of confident and safe driving. They offer their eight-hour driving course that will give them one-on-one professional instruction on all aspects of driving. You can even schedule custom lessons if they specifically want to work on skills like parking.

They even have the convenience of door-to-door service that will pick up your child and bring them back home after their lesson. With their help, first-time drivers will be ready to pass their driving test!

Beyond helping your child, you can even take lessons with them as well. Being nervous and anxious about driving is a common feeling. Five Stars Driving School though can improve your confidence in your driving so you can put your mind at ease when you sit behind the wheel.

Tee’s Driving School

Tee’s Driving School Jenkintown PA Tee’s Driving School focuses on giving future drivers the skills to become attentive and confident drivers. They have their Six Hours of Practical Instruction that will help them develop great driving habits that they can use to not only pass their driver’s test but take with them when they head out on the road by themselves.

They will make sure they are adept at driving on the highways as well as around the busier streets of the city and town. Before they even start driving, they will teach your child how to properly adjust the mirrors and understand the other aspects of the vehicle.

Then when driving, they will teach them how to keep a safe distance on the highway, change lanes, and drive through the traffic of the city. Then once it is test day, they will pick up your child and take them to their exam!

Schedule Professional Driving Instruction

Have the peace of mind your child is gaining good driving habits by signing them up for lessons with one of these local driving schools! They will learn both the basics and advanced techniques needed to pass their driver’s test and safely drive on their own.