Local Spotlight: The Perfect Workout

Local Spotlight: The Perfect Workout

Finding the best workout routine for yourself can take some time, especially if you are just getting back into it. Luckily, for those of us in the Jenkintown, Abington, Lower Southampton Township, and Philadelphia regions of Pennsylvania, The Perfect Workout is here to help.

The Perfect Workout uses a unique, low-impact routine that is easy on the joints. This routine has revolutionized the way people get in shape. Nowadays, The Perfect Workout is considered to be one of the most popular one-on-one personal training facilities in the nation.

Starting from Square One

Local Spotlight: The Perfect WorkoutThe Perfect Workout is the brainchild of founder Matt Hedman. He was injured from spending countless hours in the gym. His time and dedication in the gym didn’t seem to be yielding many results. So, he began searching for a better way to get in shape. In 1992, Hedman’s entire life changed when he discovered the benefits of slow-motion strength training.

Soon after adopting this method, he found that this type of training was easier on his joints. He was also yielding greater strength gains within shorter periods of time than before. Here’s the real kicker: it only required him to work out twice a week.

Thus, Hedman quit his nine-to-five job and decided to spread the word. In 1999, The Perfect Workout was born.

Slow-Motion Training, Fast Results

Local Spotlight: The Perfect WorkoutToday, Hedman has spread the magic of his method from the West Coast to our community in Pennsylvania. Now, you can have access to The Perfect Workout at their local facility.

During a one-on-one setting with a personal trainer at The Perfect Workout, you will start to feel the process working quicker than you may expect.

For two 20-minute sessions per week, a trainer will guide you through a series of workouts that target various muscle groups throughout the body. Each exercise requires lifting weights, spending 10 seconds lifting and 10 seconds lowering the weight.

At slower speeds, your muscles will be activated in a way that uses more muscle fibers compared to faster lifting.  Due to this intentional movement, you will quickly see satisfying changes in your daily strength.

Benefits of The Perfect Workout

Local Spotlight: The Perfect WorkoutThe Perfect Workout has benefits for everybody. It’s low-impact and easy on the joints, especially if you are tired of taking risks with heavy weights or recovering from an injury. For those with a busy schedule, The Perfect Workout only requires two days a week, and the results speak for themselves.

For those who want to opt out of in-person training, you can still get The Perfect Workout online. The Perfect Workout offers virtual training that requires no equipment at all and can be done right at home.

If you want to share the magic of The Perfect Workout with your partner or group of friends, we have good news. Their Virtual Personal Training program now offers virtual training for couples and groups too!

Get in Shape with The Perfect Workout

If you’re in Jenkintown, Abington, Lower Southampton Township, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and looking for a great way to get yourself moving, The Perfect Workout is just a phone call away. You can also connect with them through Facebook or on Instagram.