Lunch Spots You Must Try Around Jenkintown

Lunch Spots You Must Try Around Jenkintown

Jenkintown is a great area with a host of impressive restaurants for you to sample—but what if you’re looking for a quality lunch to sink your teeth into? We can help! After scouting the area and exploring the various restaurants, we’ve come back with two lunch spots you must try around Jenkintown.

We’re sure these tasty spots will satisfy your cravings, so read on to find the lunch spot that suits your needs.

Chef Vargas

Chicken & Waffles near Jenkintown PA At Chef Vargas, gourmet food doesn’t have to break the bank! This delightful spot focuses on providing restaurant-goers with superior food in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. You’ll be blown away by the flavors, and love unwinding with family and friends while you take in some sensational dishes.

The fried chicken and waffle makes for a wonderful combination of sweet and savory, and is hearty enough to satisfy even the biggest appetite. It gives you Southern fried boneless chicken breast on top of a cheddar waffle with syrup, raspberry jam, powdered sugar, and a decadent maple aioli.

And for those with a taste for seafood, the fish tempura taco is a must-have! The fresh fish is battered and lightly fried, and comes served on corn tortillas with coleslaw, fresh cheese, and a zesty garlic tomato aioli.

Kitchen Bar

Chicken BreastsFor a friendly and welcoming spot that’s great for enjoying American-World cuisine made from the finest ingredients, you need to visit Kitchen Bar. Besides an extensive and versatile menu that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even late-night cravings, you also get an impressive bar that serves up exciting and unique cocktails.

The chicken bourbon is one of our favorite picks on the diverse menu. You get a char-grilled chicken breast smothered in homemade Kentucky bourbon sauce and topped with Portobello mushrooms and shoestring onions.

There’s also the crabmeat stuffed shrimp, which includes three jumbo shrimp stuffed to bursting with crab meat, and served with melted butter for a delightful seafood experience. And we hope you saved room for dessert, because their chocolate truffle torte is a veritable explosion of sweet flavors that’s the perfect way to end your meal.

Visit the Lunch Spots You Must Try Around Jenkintown

Now that you’ve read up on the lunch spots you must try around Jenkintown, you’ve probably worked up a serious appetite. Why not check out these great places and see for yourself what the Jenkintown area has to offer you? Whatever your tastes, these excellent eateries will definitely leave you satisfied, so visit them today.


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