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Searching for a trusted service center where you can get your oil changed? Look no further! At Sussman Acura, we provide drivers in the surrounding areas with a convenient, on-site service center where you can have all of your maintenance needs met, including regular oil changes.

On this page, you’ll learn more about the importance of regular oil changes, when you should get your oil changed, and how we can help. Read ahead to learn more!

The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Synthetic Oil Change

Whether your vehicle uses synthetic oil or conventional oil, the oil still plays the same vital role in keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. Engine oil is in charge of keeping the many fast-moving parts of the engine system lubricated so they don’t create friction and overheat.

Engine oil is also in charge of keeping the engine system clean. While the oil is flowing in and around the engine’s many parts, it’s also picking up dirt and debris. After a while, the oil becomes too dirty to do this, and that’s where the oil change process comes in.

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When You Should Change Your Oil

Check Engine Light

Generally speaking, most conventional oils should be changed about every six months, while synthetic oils only need to be changed roughly once a year. However, problems do happen that will cause your vehicle to need an oil change sooner than that. If your vehicle needs an oil change, you’ll experience the following symptoms:

  • “Check engine” dashboard warning light is on
  • Strange noises coming from under the hood, like knocking or grinding
  • Fuel economy is lower than normal
  • Body of the vehicle shakes while you’re idling

Ready for Your Next Oil Change?

We at Sussman Acura offer a convenient, on-site service center where you’ll find a team of expertly trained service technicians. Whether you need a conventional oil change or a synthetic oil change, you can count on our team to get the job done quickly and correctly.

You can schedule an oil change or any other type of service appointment today by giving us a call at the service center or using our handy online appointment scheduler!

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